Taylor’s Bar

Taylor’s Bar has a very long history on Dominick Street, dating back to the early 19th Century. In the 1940s, it came to fame under Patrick and Vera Taylor, selling quality meats along with snuff, tobacco and general groceries.

Liquid refreshments including porter and whiskey were available in the back bar. There was also a hatch into the hallway where ladies were served until more enlightened times! Under new ownership, the name Taylor's has been restored over the door in loyalty to the bar's legendary status in Galway in the latter 20th Century – where it was the favoured stomping ground of the artistic, musical and creative communities that gave rise to many of today’s bands, artists, theatrical, cultural organisations and arts festivals. It could be argued that it was the quiet ‘epicentre’ for the gradual artistic regeneration of and subsequent rebranding of the ‘West’ into Galway’s bohemian corner.

The unique Irish whiskey tasting experience at Taylor’s has something for everyone, whether you are looking for an 'Introduction to Irish Whiskey' or whether you are interested in the flavours of the finest Irish styles such as the classic Pot Still, Grain and Single Malt whiskeys. The bar at Taylor’s is laden with a range of Irish whiskeys and the bar staff at Taylor’s are known for their warm hospitality & whiskey knowledge and they will be delighted to assist and guide you with your Irish Whiskey selection.

The front bar is welcoming and as you move through the authentic ‘Old Taylor’s’, you will discover that the pub is bigger than it first appears. It has one of Galway's first and very best beer gardens at the rear and a great selection of beers and spirits, superb wine menu, cocktail and gin list.

Taylor’s Bar – Small at the front. Big at the Back!

Contact Details

7 Dominick Street Upper

Galway, Ireland

Call (091) 450 475